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God left me

The project has been done in 7 weeks with 7 men. We had a successful popularity of the web (Kotaku news)

The premise:
A priest who has been battling a demon enters a grand cathedral, the last safe haven still standing, in an effort to get away.

My work is the lighting, level design, game design and environment artist. I modeled almost all the catacombs part. Also, I help with tech for blueprint (scripting in the engine) and the mastershader.

More information about level design and light:

Forum post:

Samuel gauthier hipic 001


Gameplay video

Samuel gauthier wrrswem


Samuel gauthier sfijvwy


Samuel gauthier light 04

Cinematic Light

Samuel gauthier light 04b

Spot setup

Samuel gauthier light 01

Light in catacomb

Samuel gauthier light 03

Light and LA

Samuel gauthier light 05

Cinematic Light

Samuel gauthier light 02

Modelling catacomb's modular wall, torch and light

Samuel gauthier modelling 01

Modelling, texture and level art