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Ice Climbers

Synopsis -
Ice Climber is a game realised by a team of 9 students including one sound artist within a 7 weeks timespan. The goal was to reboot the popular game of the same name, developped in the 80s by Nintendo. Popo, our playable character, and his sister Nana decide to go back to one of the most dangerous mountain they ever climbed to rid the surrounding region of the abominable snowman lurking atop its icy peak.

My work -
Model: Helicopter, Frozen falls, Rocks, Stalactites, some ice modular,
Texture: Helicopter, Rocks, Stalactites
All light
Big part of LA

Samuel gauthier highresscreenshot00010

Level art, Light artist, Modelling rocks and Frozen fall

Samuel gauthier 9bgivqo


Ice Climbers - Level art and Light artist

Samuel gauthier frozenfall